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We build B2B and B2C white label SaaS loan management software for startups and established businesses looking to scale their operations.

Trusted across six countries

Increase your profits by 70%*

*marked reported profit increase since adopting tailored software lending solutions.

Stop wasting your time and resources on tasks that can be automated.
Focus on what really matters – your business.


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decisions faster

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We provide end-to-end solutions built specifically for your needs.

Automation and Efficiency

Scalability and Flexibility

Real-time data tracking and Analytics

Compliance and Risk Management

Or clients

For Startups

Launch quickly, keep the costs low
and add more complexity as you grow.

For Established Businesses

Automate your workflows and scale to any region or customer segment with ease. We’ll provide local integrations and advisory support.


Yes. Lendstream can easily build lending projects to fit your specific business needs.

For the most complicated projects it may take up to 3-6 months to configure and built business critical 3rd party integrations. The most common projects usually take around two weeks or instantly if it’s a starter package.

YES. We can either execute your idea, or offer you one.

YES. We can easily match your brand book. You can choose your fonts, colors, add your logos and configure fields for data entry.

YES. SaaS (software-as-a-service). Almost immediate launch with a basic set of functions to run your lending business for an affordable subscription fee.

Lendstream is a perfect solution for MVPs because it’s highly customizable and supports multiple business models.

We’ll add it for you. All additional integrations will be discussed and included into the project launch plan.

YES, we have partnering law firms which can help you obtain licenses valid across the EU.

Your web portal and communication tools can be in any language of your choice, or multiple languages. Client notifications included.

Yes. Lendstream provides tools for users to configure products, processes, access rights and any assistance to support scaling your business.

Yes. We assist with the data migration.

Yes. All IT related tasks will be handled by lendstream.

All EU and worldwide, with some exceptions.

Seamlessly integrated end to end all in one system.

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