Lendstream REST API documentation page

Lendstream is integrated, CRM based software for full loan lifecycle management including Origination, Servicing and Secondary Marketing. All APIs include detailed logging. External APIs are based on Token authorization, generated by Authentication methods. Credentials and API keys are provided by lendstream or our customers.

Leads & referrals

External API for sending leads and referrals to lendstream system, containing basic information about borrowers, employment, income, liabilities and collateral. Used by Broker and Real Estate Developer websites.

Investor KYC and crowdfunding

External APIs for crowdfunding project Restful API powered by lendstream technology. Include Investor Registration & KYC, Wallet and Investment Management.

Borrowers on-boarding, application submission and
self-serive portal

External APIs for full Cycle of Application Submission include Loan, Propoerty, Borrower, Coborrower, Consents, Identification, Income, Liabilities, Dependendants, Document Management and etc.

Face recognition, SmartID, MobileID and document signing

Internal APIs for Identification via Face Recognition and ID/Passport scaning, SmartID and MobileID. Used by lendstream Borrower, Broker and Investor KYC operations and Document Signing. Integrated with

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