Mortgage lending​

Bring simplicity to a complicated lending process

Administer mortgage loans in a matter of days and in some cases as little as 24 hours.

Give your borrowers the convenience of paperless lending. The market is no longer willing to wait around for days and weeks for answers.

Integrated borrower and intermediary portals

✓ Digital onboarding

✓ Ability to submit a loan file in minutes

✓ Provide a seamless application process

Fully configurable loan system to the needs of your business

✓ Lead pipeline management

✓ Instant KYC check and decision in principle

✓ Ability to approve a loan file in minutes

✓ Automated processes and data validation

✓ Paperless document management

✓ Automated compliance reporting

Secure file sharing and e-signatures

✓ Borrowers can access from any device

✓ Fully encrypted for maximal security

✓ Quick and convenient


Support of interest-bearing, transaction fee and profit-sharing loan products.

Service any loan product,
for any business

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