Business Management

Business management: see big-picture operations at a glance

Bring efficiency to your day-to-day tasks and provide a better, more lucrative service.

Integrate lendstream with the management structure you already have, or set up new processes to work on autopilot.


  • Setup is easily modified to match the needs of your business as it changes and grows.
  • Automate task distribution, deadline tracking, and reminders so you never miss another deadline.
  • Document management is automated to keep you organized and save you time – no more chasing missing paperwork.
  • Measure performance with built-in timesheets and scorecards so you can see where time is spent and where there’s room for improvement.
  • Complete visibility into employee action in the system makes it easy to track key performance indicators. Use this data to continually improve your process efficiency, save valuable time, and improve your profit margins. And because all your data is centralized in one place, you can see potential delays in your workflows and address them in real time.
  • Full HR and accounting management is built into the system.
  • Track cash flow data and generate statements from all company bank accounts – not just loan payments. With everything in a single platform you can zoom out and have a big-picture view of how your business is operating at any moment in time. See what’s working, what needs your attention, and adjust as needed for better business planning.

Build and manage your
business on a reliable and
responsive platform

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