Consumer lending

A fully automated process from end-to-end

Optimal solutions for every type of lending operation.

Provide fast and accurate decisions for short-term consumer lending processes. Cut out application processing time without sacrificing the quality of your credit decisions. Administer consumer loans within minutes of application submission.

Third-party integrations allow for


✓ Additional revenue streams
✓ Access to new customer segments
✓ Seamless connections with lead generators and loan marketplaces

Integrated and white-labeled web portals

✓ Provide a high-quality digital experience
✓ Up-to-date and secure
✓ Build brand loyalty

Built-in borrower scoring tools powered by AI


✓ Instant borrower credibility checks
✓ All the information you need, at a glance
✓ Automated credit scoring based on rich data
✓ Automation and flexibility for the auto, payday, BNPL, POS lending industries.

Out-of-the-box solutions
so you can get started
right away

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