Loan origination

Loan origination: simplified

A several-step process streamlined into a seamless customer journey.

1. Sales pipeline management

Keep prospect details and case tracking data in one accessible place. Automate deadline and task notifications along with email and SMS integrations to help keep warm leads from slipping through the cracks. Nail your follow-up and get set up with the tools you need to reach higher conversion rates.

2. Application

Streamline the client onboarding process from application to funding. Document management is automated – fill in forms with data augmentation, flag files with missing fields, easily manage contracts and agreements, digitally sign and distribute, and instantly access documents and templates. Provide borrowers with their own white-labeled web portal and directly import their information into your system. No need for data rekeying. Easy for your customers, convenient for you.

3. Credit checks and underwriting

Embedded AI-powered borrower scoring tool and real-time data sharing lets you make informed credit decisions in minutes. Take advantage of comprehensive report functionality for full data visualization. Gain valuable customer insight and better serve your borrowers.

4. Disbursement

Opt for automated funding, or keep it strictly controlled for cases of complicated funding conditions. Configure the system to your specific origination procedures.

Drive down the cost
of origination by up to 70%

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