Build a sustainable and profitable crowdfunding business

A flexible, low-cost solution for project owners and platform operators.

Project owners

Manage every aspect of your project in one intuitive platform. Instant KYC checks and a GDPR-driven onboarding process make it easy to stay compliant. Manage projects, pricing tiers, investments, milestones, and documentation within a single platform. Provide your investors with their own white-labeled portals so they can browse available investment projects, invest or withdraw funds, and see documented progress made with each project.

Platform operators

A low-cost way to launch, operate, and scale your own crowdfunding business. Lendstream provides the flexibility needed to run a variety of projects in multinational markets. Attract high-quality project owners and investors with a transparent system. Investors have access to their own white-labeled portals so they can invest or withdraw funds, browse available investment projects and ave full access to project documentation and progress.

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