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lendstream offers an end-to-end modular and customizable API-driven fin-tech platform, catering to both bank and non-bank financial institutions. With our 20 years of experience in the loans technology industry, we are your trusted technology partners for the finance industry.

For Project Owners

Experience the ultimate ease in managing your crowdfunding project with lendstream. Our flexible and cost-effective solution allows you to handle every aspect of your project effortlessly within one intuitive platform. Benefit from instant KYC checks and GDPR-driven onboarding, ensuring compliance at every step. Efficiently manage projects, pricing tiers, investments, milestones, and documentation all in one place. Additionally, we offer your investors their own white-labeled portals, providing them with a seamless experience to browse, invest, withdraw funds, and monitor project progress with ease. Enjoy a quick launch in weeks, automated fund collection through Payment provider integrations, and all the essential tools to build trust and strong relationships with your investors, including full [Investor] KYC with automated biometric and manual checks, questionnaires, and document collection.

For Platform Operators

Choose lendstream as your ideal partner for launching, operating, and scaling your crowdfunding business. Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility to run diverse projects in international markets, attracting high-quality project owners and investors with its transparent system. Investors benefit from white-labeled portals, gaining full access to project documentation and progress for a smooth investment journey. Enjoy a quick launch in weeks and automated fund collection through Payment provider integrations. Build trust with investors through comprehensive tools, including full [Investor] KYC with automated biometric and manual checks, questionnaires, and document collection. Utilize integration with Affiliate networks and referral programs to attract more investors, while ensuring borrower onboarding and KYC to offer investors only verified and trustworthy deals. Effective cash management and reporting empower you to stay in control, and our autoinvest module opens up the potential for money to earn money. Rest assured with built-in tools for securing investor funds, including buy-back guarantee, secondary marketing, and effective delinquent loan management. lendstream equips you with everything needed to take your crowdfunding business to new heights.

Investor Cabinets

For project owners, our platform provides branded onboarding with seamless KYC/AML compliance, investor cabinets. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects, including biometrics, consents, questionnaires, PEP/sanction checks, and open banking integration, ensuring full documentation and validated investor information. As a result, you can easily onboard different type of investors:


✓ Individuals

✓ Companies

✓ Family Offices



With a reliable back-office support, You are in full control, managing agreements, account statements, and detailed project information effortlessly. 

Easy Project Management

With lendstream’s Fully Customizable Flows, you have the power to tailor your crowdfunding projects to perfection. From designing a sophisticated project website with an intuitive “invest” button for investors to smart and seamless registration, we prioritize a user-friendly experience.  


✓ Real Estate 

✓ Consumer,  Mortgage, SME & Crypto Loans

✓ Equity Rise



Integrations with EMIs, Payment gateways, Project Management and Monitoring tools ensures You are in a full control of Project’s status and compliance without any hiccups. 



Complete Ecosystem

Enjoy hassle-free online and offline FIAT and Crypto funds collection, along with real-time notifications to stay on top of your projects.


Additionally, our platform offers borrower onboarding and KYC for both individuals and SMEs, ensuring only verified and trustworthy borrowers are part of your crowdfunding ecosystem. With lendstream, you can streamline operations and focus on maximizing your crowdfunding success.

Advanced Features

lendstream’s Advanced Features offer an extensive range of tools and capabilities to elevate your crowdfunding business. Gain access to a multitude of advanced features and modules, including streamlined product setup, efficient workflow automation, and seamless back-end user management. Our platform seamlessly integrates with APIs, ensuring smooth data exchange and allowing you to support multiple project types effortlessly. 


With autoinvest functionality, investors can easily diversify their portfolios and maximize returns. Additionally, take advantage of secondary marketing options to enhance project visibility and attract more investors. lendstream’s Advanced Features provide the infrastructure and support you need to run a successful and dynamic crowdfunding platform.

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