The goal was to make lending a more affordable, transparent, and easy-to-manage process. And we did

The best possible foundation for you to scale, run, and manage your lending business is a system with over 10 years of best practice expectations in software development, finance, banking, and business management built into it.

Lendstream’s mission is simple:

  • Bring transparency to the lending process
  • Make it easy to manage
  • Drive down the cost of doing business

The system was originally built to manage mortgage lending. But it soon became apparent that such a flexible and comprehensive system would be attractive to other types of lenders.

In just a few years we branched out from our first customers in Latvia to four EU countries, the UK, Australia, and counting. We quickly confirmed that what we’d built was flexible and robust. And that our personalized approach to customer service and support is unmatched in the market.

Today we partner with leaders in the mortgage, consumer, and commercial lending industries. We serve crowdfunding platforms, leasing and loan broker companies, as well as micro and point-of-sale lending. In fact, the software we’ve created is so adaptable, it can be configured to serve any lending business and any loan product.

It’s that powerful.

Lendstream is the most comprehensive lending and business management software on the market. We make it easy for you to make the digital transformation, streamline your workflows, and administer loans in a faster and more versatile way.

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