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Project kick-off

Starting at

€11 000

Monthly subscription starting at €650

  • Investor Portal Options
    Including investor registration, KYC, survey, project listing, account overview, deposits
    & withdrawals and investing

  • Investor Type Options
    Fiziniai asmenys

  • Project Types Options
    a. Real Estate
    b. Loans (consumer, mortgage, business, etc) c. Startups & Equity

  • Fund management
    a. Deposits automation
    b. Integration with EMI/payment institution

Add Ons:

  • Borrower portal supporting two types of Borrowers
    (*Including registration, full KYC, application submission, document upload,
    signature, payment collection.)
    a. Individuals
    b. Corporates
  • Auto Investment
  • Secondary Market
  • API integrations

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